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Buying a home, an investment or commercial property? Avoid unexpected costs by making an informed decision on one of the biggest investments of your life. Looking to sell? Prevent lengthy negotiations. Want some real home truths? Well give you a clear, unbiased picture of the state of the property youre living in. Well report on the current condition and highlight any items needing immediate repair or work in the future. 

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Pre purchase building inspections

A pre purchase building report does not give you a pass or fail” for a property. We simply give you information. And information gives you options. You dont want surprises when you are buying or investing in property; you need to know what youre in for.

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Pre sale Inspections

When selling a property, you need the sale to go through as smoothly as possible. A pre sale inspection report shows transparency and honesty. We can identify any potential issues so they can be fixed before becoming negotiation blocks. 

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Maintenance reports

Get information you can live with. If you are looking to renovate your home, a building inspection will let you know what you have to work with and help you prioritise with building budgets.


As BOINZ accredited building surveyors, you’ll know the First Look Inspections property surveyor is competent, knowledgeable and complies with all New Zealand standards for property inspections. We complete building reports for both commercial and residential properties in Auckland.

We’ll work for you

We appreciate that with the Auckland housing market the way it is, you may be under pressure to put in an offer. At First Look Inspections, our accredited building inspectors will try to work in with your time frames to complete the report when you need it. 

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“Ricky’s background in building provided me with the peace of mind that he picked up everything that required maintenance on my house. His written report was detailed, concise and professional.”

Steven Hong

Our job at First Look Inspections is to unearth building issues before they become yours.

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We have Professional Indemnity, General & Statutory Insurance underwritten by Crombrie Lockwood.