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Independent building reports for unbiased answers you can rely on

When buying or selling a home, commercial or rental property, theres a lot at stake

The best way to avoid problems and extra costs is to know as much as you can about the condition of the property before you buy or renovate.

When you can’t afford to make a mistake, the best way forward is with the impartial third-party opinion of an expert: an honest, unbiased, qualified building inspector.

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pre-purchase building inspections auckland
pre sale property inspection

A Pre-purchase Report

It is a detailed report written to NZS 4306:2005 standards. Our building reports are extremely easy to follow, include a council file search, digital photos and cover all aspects of the structural integrity of the dwelling:

  • Site: driveway, drainage, surface water control, retaining walls, hand rails, decks, pergolas, patios, paths and fencing
  • Roof exterior: roof material, fascia, eaves, gables, flashings, chimneys, aerials, penetrations
  • Drainage: guttering, downpipes, gully traps
  • Foundations: Concrete floor slabs, foundation walls, piles (type/stability), subfloor (framing/services), ventilation, ground condition
  • Exterior: cladding, flashings, joinery
  • Roof cavity: framing, plumbing, electrical, roof cladding, insulation, insect and pests infestation
  • Interior: walls, ceilings, door & window joinery, floor coverings, electrical, pests and insects, dry rot and insulation
  • Bathroom: showers, toilets, baths, basins, vanities, plumbing, tapware, cabinetry
  • Kitchen: joinery units, oven, plumbing, tapware
  • Structure: alterations and additions, overall condition
  • Outbuildings/ Ancillary spaces: garages and carports
  • Moisture: infrared Inspections and a non-invasive moisture meter checks, both inside and out
  • Building regulations: Code of compliance checks, conformity with current building regulations.

I don’t need a house inspection; I’m buying a new home

Even if you’re buying new, a pre-purchase house inspection is still strongly recommended. It’s not just older New Zealand homes that have issues. The housing crisis, Auckland’s building boom and the shortage of qualified builders familiar with the New Zealand building code have led to building issues with some new home builds. 

Pre-sale reports

When selling a property, your goal is the best possible price. Getting a building inspection report on your property before putting it on the market will give you all the facts you need to price your property accordingly. The last thing you want are unexpected building issues that may scare away potential buyers or mean having to reduce your asking price. 

Pre-sale reports mean that as a vendor you can address any issues or make repairs before taking the house to market, should that be appropriate.

  • Give your buyers peace of mind
  • Speed up the sales process for buyers
  • One less ‘conditional’ factor

While vendors aren’t required by law to provide pre sale inspection reports, including one in your sale package is nonetheless recommended.

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building inspector nz

Property maintenance reports 

Our job is to give you answers you can base decisions on. A building report on the current condition of your property allows you to you plan and budget for future maintenance and identify problems in your existing home before they worsen. 

If you are looking to renovate your home, a building inspection is the way to understand the current state of your property and work out the costs before work begins. 

Do you have a particular potential issue with your home which you would like inspected? We are happy to inspect specific areas of the property which may be of concern. Our building inspections can take into account plumbing, electrical, cladding and structural issues. Youll get a comprehensive report you can clearly follow, and our building inspector will be available to discuss any questions you may have. 

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Telling it like it is

At First Look Inspections you can trust us to find the truth and tell you what you may not want to hear, but definitely need to understand. Building inspections are such a small price to pay for peace of mind and qualified, unbiased answers.

Our job at First Look Inspections is to unearth building issues before they become yours.

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