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If you’re buying, you need to have complete confidence in your building report.

Choose a qualified, experienced building inspector who will work solely for you, and is in no way associated with the seller, the real estate agent or anyone else involved with the property.

A registered building surveyor for information you can live with

Getting a building inspection before buying a home or investment can help you make an informed decision. However, the quality of building inspections and Auckland building inspectors can be variable. Relying on a misleading or poorly done property inspection could see you liable for many thousands in unexpected building costs.

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A building inspection team for independent advice on one of your biggest assets

Building inspections are serious. There are big decisions to be made and a great deal of money at stake, so you need to be comfortable knowing that your chosen building surveyor is focused on giving you an honest, unbiased and accurate evaluation to the NZS 4306 standard. At First Look Inspections, we’re completely independent, working only for you: the client paying for the report.

Here to help you buy and sell with confidence

Our role as accredited building surveyors (BOINZ) is to produce the most detailed and highly audited reports for Auckland home buyers and sellers. We’re here to keep you safe from hidden building issues so you can buy and sell with confidence. 

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Our job at First Look Inspections is to unearth building issues before they become yours.

First Look

We have Professional Indemnity, General & Statutory Insurance underwritten by Crombrie Lockwood.